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HGV - Driver Assessor In-Cab Instructor Course

Price: £ 1395.00 + VAT

Price for non-members: £ 1459.00 + VAT

Driver Assessor – In-Cab Driver Assessor Instructor (2-days) Course

“Let the RHA train your staff to enable them to train the remainder of your workforce”.

Course Aim

Improve fuel economy and prevent accidents and wear and tear in your company vehicles with your own trainer/ assessor and to develop and supervise drivers and their performance/ standards.

An Assessor’s course is for the RHA Trainer to teach the candidate what are faults and how to assess them, by assess it means how to categorise them, are they minor faults or are they (potentially) dangerous.

Training / Vehicle Requirements

It is essential that the candidate holds the class of licence for the vehicles they intend to conduct assessments in, and that the class of vehicle intended for future assessments is used during the training.

For example if you only hold C-Class licence you will only qualify to assess candidates in rigid vehicles up to 32 tonnes, If you hold a CE and take the course in that class of vehicle you can assess candidates on Articulated vehicles and draw bar combinations up to 44- tonnes.

  •          Off the job
  •          Loaded vehicle
  •          Fuel monitoring/ measuring equipment on vehicle
  •          Driver has photo licence and paper counterpart available to present
  •          Company supplies Certificate of Motor Insurance Document
  •          Vehicle satisfies daily inspection / maintenance requirements

Driver Trainer Objectives

  •          Improve fuel economy
  •          Reduce accident damage
  •          Create initial and ongoing training programmes
  •          Assess the causes of accidents
  •          Write effective management reports

Training Subjects

  •          Vehicle familiarisation
  •          Personal driving assessment
  •          Demonstration drive and commentary
  •          Observation and planning
  •          Highway Code
  •          System of vehicle control
  •          Assessment of routes and directions
  •          Report writing
  •          On the job driver assessments

Training Schedule AM - PM

Day 1 AM

The format is a classroom session introducing the candidate to the course and the assessment criteria and documents to be used, Licence checks and the correct phraseology required to guide the candidate through the correct route.

Day 1 AM/PM

The RHA Trainer will assess the candidates driving skills.

And if required will then offer as a separate drive, remedial training to bring the candidate up to the skills required.

Day 2

The RHA Trainer will drive the vehicle and display a specific trait and the candidate should be able to identify the fault, and be able to understand why the fault occurs E.G if driving at low speed in top gear the vehicle will develop speed creep and could then be exceeding the speed limits without actually driving the vehicle too fast. If a corner is taken in too high a gear the vehicle will under steer.

This will continue for the remainder of the day with separate drives and different traits or faults for the candidate to identify and understand.

Cost – Includes RHA certificate & course materials.

£1,295.00 + VAT RHA Members

£1,395.00 + VAT Non Members

To Arrange Your Training Contact Us:

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England & Wales

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Price: £ 1395.00 + VAT

Price for non-members: £ 1459.00 + VAT

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