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HGV - In-Cab Periodic Training - Driver Development

Price: £ 595.00 + VAT

Price for non-members: £ 695.00 + VAT

The driver development training consists of a classroom theory session followed by a practical driving session, culminating in a classroom debrief. This training takes place on a one-to-one basis.

Who Should Attend?

Even the most experienced driver can benefit from regular skills development.

The activities assessed and developed include driving skills such as conservation and observation, hazard perception, reaction times and attitudes to other road users.

Aims & Objectives

Drivers who have undergone this 'one-to-one' intensive training session should show immediate improvements in their fuel returns.

Additional benefits include less stressed drivers, accident reduction and improved vehicle care.

Course Topics

  • Driving skills assessment
  • Route planning
  • Road awareness
  • Planning the driving
  • Concentration and observation
  • Road signs
  • Dealing with obstruction / emergencies
  • Hazard perception
  • Reaction times / braking distances
  • Use of terrain
  • Manoeuvring and reversing
  • Use of accelerator, brakes and gears
  • Climatic conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Attitude to road users / pedestrians
  • Use of warning devices

The Benefits

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Accident reduction
  • Vehicle preservation

Course Duration: One day

Course is only available in-company due to requirements for in-cab element.

JAUPT - Driver CPC Notes

This course has been Approved by JAUPT to count 7 hours towards Driver CPC Training requirements. Call 01733 261456 if you require further information.

Don't forget to bring - Candidates must bring the following forms of ID to enable us to upload the training record to the DSA website.

  • Photo-Card Driving Licence
  • Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

Also accepted forms of ID

  • Digital Tachograph Driver Card
  • Valid UK Passport & Driver Licence Number

Without at least one of the above forms of ID we will not be able to record your training.

Cost includes record uploading charges, any travel and accommodation costs incurred for our instructor, approval certificates and full seminar course notes.

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Price: £ 595.00 + VAT

Price for non-members: £ 695.00 + VAT

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