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HGV - 2-Day Inspection Technician Training Course

Price: £ 1350.00 + VAT

Price for non-members: £ 1395.00 + VAT

The course is designed to train and prepare HGV Inspection technician to a standard where they can undertake the IRTEC HGV Inspection Technician assessment and gain the accredited 5-year IRTEC licence for the Inspection of HGV vehicles. Along with knowledge of the Good Vehicle Operators commitments to road safety.

Suitable for

  • Trainee Vehicle Inspection Technicians
  • Intermediate Level Vehicle Inspection Technicians
  • Fleet Manager
  • Workshop Personnel
  • Pre- IRTEC Accreditation candidates

The course duration is 2 days each 6 hours training. The second day while require access to and HGV vehicle over a GVW of 3500KGS rigid or tractor unit are both acceptable.

The course is held on-demand on customer premises.

Course content

Day 1

  • Course Introduction
    Background, Aims and Objectives
    Overview of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness
  • Operator licence familiarisation
    Operator Compliance
    Inc OCRS and Earned Recognition
  • Daily – walk around checks
    Scope, responsibilities, documentation
  • Health & Safety
    HSAW act 1974, COSHH, RIDDOR
    DEARS, First Aid and Fire
  • Enforcement & Prohibitions
    Roadside, Operating centre
    Powers and sanctions, TC engagement
  • Documentation
    Defects and rectification, Inspection sheets
    Maintenance schedules, other documents
  • Terminology
    Technical terms, Acronyms
    Common phrases
  • Stage test and Case study
    End of day summary and revision

Day 2

  • Introduction to The Category of Defects
    Layout, Practical demonstrations
    Use of notes column 4
  • Introduction to HGV Inspection Manual
    MOT prohibitions, MOT criteria
    Minor, Major and Dangerous criteria and examples
  • HGV Inspection Manual specific areas
    safety critical items
  • HGV Inspection Manual Specific Areas
    Other items
    Mirrors, Spray Suppression, Tachograph +
  • The inspection routine
    Paperwork, Process, legal documents, assistance, tools and equipment
  • Understanding headlamp aim, Roller Road Brake Test, Emissions
  • Practical inspection and Stage test
    With max 8 delegates in 2 groups
    Walk through practical inspection and Stage test
  • Course summary and feedback – discussion

Cost includes training for up to 4 delegates (no minimum), certificates and paperwork supporting the training content.

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