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RHA Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to Groups

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Who Should Attend?

Company training staff, driver assessors, fuel champions, or anyone you have identified as having suitable attributes to be developed as your Training Instructor, those wishing to pursue a career as a vocational trainer (Contact RHA Training if you would like support in identifying themost suitable candidate.

Course Content

  • The impact of different learning styles and identifying learning needs of individual groups
  • Delivery methods, SMART objectives and materials to support learning
  • How to prepare an environment and self for learning, introducing training sessions and the use of visual aids
  • How to motivate and engage learners and manage their behavior whiles encouraging participation
  • How to frame and respond to questions
  • Comply with the legislative requirements relating to inclusiveness, equality and diversity
  • Gather evidence to use when conducting evaluation of training sessions
  • Seek feedback from learners/peers and review your performance so that you can propose improvements for the future practice


Please Call the Scotland office on 01506 414073


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Price: £ 1650.00 + VAT

Price for non-members: £ 1850.00 + VAT

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